Societies interconnected through electrical equipment

We live in the XXI century, prodigious time where we can find any electronic device in hundreds of counters around the world, insightful was where the electronic components evolve rapidly and expectations grow, today very few we give credit to the interconnection of the world through the equipment electric.

Any of the electronic equipment present in our belongings is the product of the combination of certain electrical and electronic components connected together destined to fulfill the assigned function in their design. In the years where the vacuum tubes were the sensation the electronic equipments were built through a manual wiring and point to point they were welded. Each of the discrete components used was placed manually. The equipment was obviously bigger, heavier and less intuitive for the user. The difficulties began to arise in the face of the needs of several areas such as: aeronautics, automotive, the health sector and others; they all had in common the fact that they needed smaller and easier-to-use equipment.

Just as nature has gone through an evolutionary process to the same extent, electronics has led to the development of smaller and more compact devices. The evolution of electronics brought important challenges, due to this electronic components were mechanically redesigned in order to significantly reduce their size and weight.

The use of miniaturization and sub-miniaturization in the design of electronic equipment started new techniques of interconnection of components as well as their respective assembly, this is where the popular printed circuit boards (PCBs) arise. The PCBs provide a solid structure that allows the assembly and interconnection of various electronic components, this new structure is as good as interconnecting the components with each other through cables.

The boom in the mass production of electronic equipment and systems generates needs and the electronic industry solves a large part of its problems thanks to the use of printed circuits, today we owe to PCBs the fact that so many cities in the world are connected to each other through of various electrical equipment.

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