About Us

We are professionals and we are dedicated to convert the needs of our customers into valuable solutions.

Our History

Between electronics workshops and offices of research and development centers I have exercised my professional activity in at least more than 10 years. There are many projects that I have seen executed and carried out, as well as I saw many projects fail to suffer from an accurate knowledge of the electronic manufacturing process. Before that I had the idea to create Publys and provide my knowledge for the development of electronic products starting from an idea. Participating in very complex projects such as: a decoder for digital TV open up to wearables for the health sector, has allowed me to develop multiple professional skills for the development of electrical hardware suitable for industrialization. All this experience allows us to provide a professional service to transform brilliant ideas into functional prototypes.

Our Vision

Transform ideas for makers, entrepreneurs or companies in industrial electronic prototypes through our services of development and validation of electrical products. We manage the industrialization of functional prototypes that are born in the creation and innovation environments.

Latest News

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